Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3742 Tuesday 26 February 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “More beautiful the life”… knowing yourself targeted by an investigation, Ferri decides to apply the policy of scorched earth; Mila discovers the secret of Valère; Kevin sees a resurgence of a ghost from her past. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Sacha in the sights of Ferri captain Ferri informs his right arm as the alternate of the attorney seeks to make it fall. They have all taken to erase all their traces of threats to Sacha, Victory and Luna, starting by getting rid of the key stakeholders… So that Ash finds himself held in cheek by the right hand man of Ferri came to remove it, Nebout, who conducts a routine patrol, witnesses the scene and stops the agent. During this time, Victory will take the decision to help Yann Moss to fight against the drilling company that is about to contaminate a major aquifer in Algeria, in order to pay tribute to the memory of her missing father. It déchante when it includes the means of action of the boss GTS are extremely limited when it is face to face… Valero confesses his secret to Mila When Mila meets his mother on his release from police custody, she promises to make efforts to stop alcohol and become more responsible. Agitated by his words, Mila is all the more puzzled by the obstinacy of Valère to refuse the help of his mother, condemning her to live alone in a garage in the middle of winter. Valère refuses to deal with the topic and closes once more. Arthur, who finds the dismay of his girlfriend, warns Valère : to force to refuse the help of others, he might end up permanently alone. After the course, Valère goes to Mila to present his excuses, and reveals to him that he has never known his father because his mother has cut ties with him when he was a child, and lied to him by making him believe that he was dead. Growing up, he was able to find his trace but found that he was dead between the time when a military operation in Mali… Kevin caught up by his past, Leo Castelli satisfies the commissioner Olivieri to let it take Kevin to his first hideout. Despite his clumsiness, he noticed the involvement of the young man and wants to learn the trade. Then they oversee an upscale neighborhood whose homes are deserted during the winter period, they spot a group of squatters in the process of performing locations to settle down in one of the houses. Kevin is horrified when he recognizes Jenny, his ex-girlfriend. A few years earlier, she had made him take a lot of bad decisions in leaving the Mistral, and by abandoning his studies…

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